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GC-99 (GRACOMUEL-99) is a fogging agent based on Aroma chemicalswhich removes bad odor and spreads pleasant fragrance in theenvironment; manufactured by our Company – Grace Refinery Pvt Ltd.GC-99 Fogging agent is based on aroma chemicals which imparts and blocks bad smell and its flavoredfragrance produces pleasurable odor.It is an anti-bacterial chemical which kills the germs when, being sprayed in the environment.Dosage: Add 5 to 7 liters of solution in 1000 liters Water (as per required)As per the level or percentage of bad odor the solution is added in water and been sprayed to kill thegerms & block bad odor.It is available in vivid (different types of) fragrances, such as: Mix fruit, Lemon, Orange andmany more.