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Applications: Antifoaming agent ,Rust Prevantive ,Corrosion inhibitors Etc Uses: In Automotive Lubricants ,Paint Industries, Leather Industries etc.


GC-99 (GRACOMUEL-99) is a fogging agent based on Aroma chemicalswhich removes bad odor and spreads pleasant fragrance in theenvironment; manufactured by our Company – Grace Refinery Pvt Ltd.GC-99 Fogging agent is based on aroma chemicals which imparts and blocks bad smell and its flavoredfragrance produces pleasurable odor.It is an anti-bacterial chemical which kills the germs when, being sprayed in the environment.Dosage: Add 5 to 7 liters of solution in 1000 liters Water (as per required)As per the level or percentage of bad odor the solution is added in water and been sprayed to kill thegerms & block bad odor.It is available in vivid (different types of) fragrances, such as: Mix fruit, Lemon, Orange andmany more.

Lauric Acid (C-12 )

Applications: Foaming AgentUses: Major use in Cosmetic IndustriesLauric Acid is the main fatty acid in coconut oil as well as palm kernel oil; it is also found in human milk, cow milk, and goat milk. It is used in beauty products and skin care because of its moisturizing abilities, and is also recognized as an acne-fighter thanks to its anti- microbial properties Source.